(CATP) Center of Advanced Training Programs

Welcome to Center of Advanced Training Programs, College of Engineering University of Tehran

CATP invites you to join our open learning community. Each year more than 1000 learners take our courses in Engineering Disciplines, Management, and Professional Development. Everyone is welcome to attend. We are here to help you nourish your mind and make a better future for yourself and for your community.

Whether you are a Multinational Corporation, International Organization, Small or Medium-sized Enterprise, Government body or Educational Institution Seeking Specialized Courses or Workshops or a Comprehensive Program, CATP has the Solution    




Work full time? our courses are scheduled to fit your busy lifestyle. take courses for pleasure, personal enrichment, or professional development. Earn credit and certificate or just come for the pleasure of learning.



We welcome everyone from all backgrounds, you don't need to be a student or recent graduate. come and join us. Enrolling is easy. 



Learn from the best. All courses are taught by notable University of Tehran faculty, experienced professionals, and leaders in their fields.



Our traditional on-campus courses have transitioned to online courses to offer a remote learning experience that resembles the on-campus classroom experience. These courses feature live lectures and discussions with the instructor.

Online learning caters to your busy schedule by taking the learning experience out of the traditional classroom.

Online learning at CATP...

  • Provides the same quality learning as traditional classroom courses.
  • Requires the same level of work as traditional classroom courses.
  • Takes place within scheduled start and end dates.
  • Provides flexibility and convenience, with no geographical barriers.
  • Requires a reliable Internet connection and computer.
  • Provides 24/7 access to course materials.